2018 JALT Toyohashi presentations

21st January:
Speaker: Matt Gilles
Methods to encourage students to improve their ability
to express their ideas in academic essays

18th February:
Speaker: Jason Pratt
Social Media and Students: English made accessible and fun

22nd April:
Speaker: Cameron Smith
Creativity in Japanese Education

20th May:
Our Annual Barbecue

17th June:
Speaker: Pete Lyons
Identifying Student Motivation / Demotivation and the Pedagogical Consequences

29th July:
Speaker: Daniela Johne-Yamamoto
CLIL at elementary level in Italy

Speaker: Tony Ryan
Possibilities for CLIL at elementary school in Japan

27th October:
ELFing Up the Classroom: Pedagogy and Materials
Speaker: Tomokazu Ishikawa: Tamagawa University
EFL and ELFing: Friends, foes or ‘frenemies’

Paul McBride: Tamagawa University
Overcoming ideological inertia with ELF-aware teaching practices

James D’Angelo: Chukyo University
The World Englishes response to ELF: Too little, too late

Speaker: Lindsay Clandfield
Diversity, inclusion and authenticity in ELT materials

9th December:
Speaker: Thomas Eldred
Reflections on the JALT International Conference

Speakers: Eric Hankin, Taka Nagamine and Anthony Robins
Bringing the Festive Spirit to a Teacher Training Weekend

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