2005 presentations

Jan 30th Linda Donan Teaching English to all age groups, from toddlers to the retired
Feb 13th Kate O'Callaghan and Robert McLaughlin Loanwords: Lexical Hindrance or Latent Storehouse?
Mar 6th Oliver Bayley (Oxford University Press) Making Reading Easy and Fun! - with the Potato Pals
Apr 17th Hillel Wright Using Short Stories and Poems in Japanese University English classes
May 22nd Toyohashi JALT members Barbecue and picnic
June 12th Gregg McNabb An Overview of Japanese English Education from the Meiji period to the present
July 3rd Peter Warner Teaching Young Learners, and Teaching Phonics
Sept 15th Kenneth Biegel (McGraw-Hill Education) What about you? (coursebook series)
Oct 16th The Nagoya Players - BEST PRESENTATION 2005 Theatre Games in the teaching of English
Nov 20th Christopher Mefford and Toyohashi JALT members JALT National Conference Reports
Dec 18th Steve Brown An effective Orientation Program and Bonenkai

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