2014 JALT Toyohashi presentations

12th January:  Atsumi Miyatani 
Japanese workshop and JLPT presentation                 

13th April:  Keiko Sakui and Neil Cowie
Let's talk about motivation: Theory, practice and emotional impact 

18th May:  Our Annual Barbecue                            

22nd June:  Greg Rouault 
Teaching Writing by Putting Research and Principles into Practice                                                                             

13th July: Stacy Anne Ali, John W. Roberts, Anthony Robins and Ken Slater 
Administrative Tools for making tests, tracking homework, grading… 

7th September: 'The Heart of the Matter' (LILT SIG Conference)                          

2nd November:  Bill Harley 
The Teaching Power of Stories                                          

14th December:  Takashi Miura 
The Challenges of Innovation in High School English  
and our end of year 'Bonenkai'         

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