2013 presentations

Feb 17th Jim Matchett, Anthony Robins, Misako Yamamoto, Ayako Nitta, Nami Tanihashi and Sue Sullivan
Drama Activities,
A Taste of Teaching more than 7,000 kilometres from home
Introducing concrete writing methods to usher in abstract thought

Apr 21st Jane Nakagawa

Multiple intelligences activities can be used with any age and level of language learner

May 26th

Annual Barbecue
June 16th
Oliver Mayer and Martin Niers
Sharing learning and teaching insights from a different angle
July 21st
Cory Koby
Ready or Not, Here it Comes!  High School Curriculum Changes 2013
Sept 22nd
Dan Frost
A New Kind of English Textbook for Junior High
Nov 11th
Scott Thornbury
Grammar or speaking, or both?
Nov 17th Hiromi Kinoshita
Reflections on a summer teaching course in Britain and
its influence on my senior high school English teaching

Dec 15th
Adam Jenkins
The mental lexicon: how did it get there?
and our End of Year Party

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