2010 presentations

Jan 20th Kim Horne
A Treasure Chest of Songs, Chants and Games
Feb 17th Andy Keen
Incorporating Intercultural Learning into EFL classes
Mar 9th Douglas Jarrell and
Naomi Hazumi
Enriching EFL through the Teaching of Pragmatics
Apr 11th Steve Quasha

Learner Training for the Japanese Language Classroom

May 16th Alexander Graham-Marr
What elements in a communicative classroom can be taught and what elements can only be developed through enough exposure and practice
June 20th Paul Moritoshi
Designing and Implementing Discipline Specific Projects to Motivate Non-English Major Undergraduates
July 18th Professional Development Seminar
(with JALT Hamamatsu)
Learners' Acquisition of Language at Different Stages of Development
Sept 26th
Grant Black
Leveraging Intercultural Experience for Motivation in Language Learning
Oct 19th Jack Ryan
Language Learning and the Lexical Approach
Dec 20th David Kluge
Using students' own experiences as the basis for creating engaging materials and boosting motivation
and our End of Year Party

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