2009 presentations


Jan 18th
Prisca Molotsi
Incorporating Music in the Classroom
Feb 15th
Robert Croker
Learners speaking together doesn't need to stop at the classroom door!
Mar 15th
Gregg McNabb

Gender Differences in Hearing

Apr 26th
Marshall Childs
Can adolescents become autonomous language learners?
May 24th
Toyohashi JALT members Barbecue and Picnic
June 21st
Jon Blundell, Andrew Kean, Jim Matchett,
Anthony Robins and
Jack Ryan

My Share

July 12th
Ken Slater
Corpus Linguistics for Dummies
Sept 21st
Mike Bostwick
Speaker of the Year
Sharing 18 years of Experience with Language Immersion in a K-12 School
Oct 18th Ruth Reichert
Using Video and Audio Files for Language Teaching
Dec 20th John Gunning
Task Sequencing and Student Motivation

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