2011 presentations

Jan 23rd
Brad Deacon
Vocabulary: Meaning, Form, Pronunciation and Beyond
Feb 20th Folake Abbass
Exploring Gender in the classroom
Apr 11th Charles LeBeau

Tips for Teaching Presentation

May 22nd

Annual Barbecue
June 19th Z. Richie, A. Fox,
A McCann, W. Matheny,  E. Head, S. Sugiura
One Day Event on Adolescent Learner Development
Sept 18th Misako Tajima
What can be the goals of ELT in Japan?
Oct 23rd
Jim Matchett, Anthony Robins and Martha Robertson
Approaches to Communication
Nov 12th Andrew Boon
Instant Messenger Cooperative Development: Journeys of Discovery
Dec 11th Theron Muller
Entering the conversation, joining the community:
Legitimate participation in academic publishing

and our End of Year Party

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