2003 presentations

Jan 26th William Matheny JTE-AET Team Teaching
Feb 16th Anthony Robins Making Homepages Worthwhile
Mar 9th Ritsuko Nakata(Oxford University Press) The Magic of MAT
Apr 13th Marc Sheffner Drama Works Workshop
May 18th Toyohashi JALT Barbecue and picnic
June 22nd Kazuyoshi Sato,Keiko Takahashi Impact of Performance Tests on Teacher and Student Learning
July 6th Marshall Childs Teach the Brain, not the Intellect
Sept 15th Dr Spencer Kagan(with Nagoya,Gifu and Sigs) Cooperative Structures and Language Learning
Oct 19th Brad Deacon Language Learning Histories and Language Teaching Histories
Dec 14th James Matchett,Laura Kusaka,Angus Macindoe Reports on Selected Papers from the 2003 JALT Conference

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