THE LAST TOYOHASHI MEETING - What was it all about?

Sunday 9th March: Jeremie Bouchard visited us from Hokkaido to explain about the value of teaching speech acts explicitly in the classroom.

This presentation, a combination of lecture and group discussion, focussed on a SELHi (Super English Language High School) initiative involving two English courses: Comprehensive and Interactive. The Comprehensive course emphasizes a combination of sentence-based and discourse-based grammar teaching, and the Interactive course shifts towards the teaching of pragmatics. The presentation also included a review of the Interactive English textbook created for high school second grade students, which was designed around the teaching of speech acts (language functions, e.g. compliments, apologies, requests, complaints, etc.). The general argument of this presentation called for a change in emphasis in the EFL classroom, from English as the sole object of study to English as a tool for effective communication.

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